Mornings: Car Tunes with Don Lewis

Hey hey, hey Oldies 100 listeners, Don Lewis here. It has been a crazy week moving into a new home. Boy, will I have some stories to tell when I return. I am on vacation for a little bit longer, but will be back with you all soon weekday mornings. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. When I return join me weekday mornings 7 to 10 on Oldies 100… your home for the greatest hits of all time for Morning Car Tunes with Don Lewis.

Meanwhile, I want to thank my buddy, Ray Michaels for filling in for me weekday mornings on Morning Car Tunes. Even though I’m not on the air, I am listening to the show and Oldies 100 everyday while I’m away!

We have a lot of fun! We have special features like Usless Tuesday Trivia, Our State Quizes, Morning Comedy Breaks at the bottom of each hour, Wednesdays don’t miss all the sage wisdom and great advice to our listeners as we Ask Dear Aunt Bertha Mae and Friday’s we have a mystery co-host…all that plus great classic music from artist like The Platters, Elvis Presley, The Chifons, Bobby Darin, and many more. We play the great oldies from the mid 1950’s thru the mid-1970’s! That’s Morning Car Tunes with Don Lewis weekday mornings from 7 to 10. If you can’t listen to us on your radio, you can always stream us live from anywhere in the world on the worldwide web at